Nuclear & Exotic materials

Nuclear Pressure Relief Silenced Valve

This valve is a pressure relive valve for a nuclear power station In Europe, Csw welded the silencer and performed the dissimilar transition weld between the 2 1⁄4 chrome valve and the carbon steel silencer. All welds where performed to the ASME XI code and subject to 100% x-ray.

Valve Seat Stellite6 overlay

This component was fabricated for a coal powered power station. It has a hardfacing material manually welded to its surface this is an extremely hard wearing material and has a specialist application in the power industry. The component was supplied to the client weirs within the Nuclear Rapid response facility where we provide a emergency service to ensure that the power industry remains productive no matter what is required. We had 2 welders on days and 2 welder on night to ensure this component was delivered and ready to be installed on a unscheduled outage.

To protect the integrity and validate the warranty on a nuclear I.V Valve it is important that the valve itself has no interference, to eliminate this we where tasked to heat treat these 12% chrome valves and weld on transition pieces so that once on site the valve would not be interfered with.

The pipe installation was 1 1⁄4 chrome so this particular transition was a dissimilar weld that also required stress relieving after welding. This particular weld was to be subject to super steam, high temperatures and 2500psi of pressure.

Craus Nuclear compensator

This Inconel compensator was designed as a solution to a concurrent problem in the turbine hall of the Craus nuclear facility. CSW produced a specialist welding procedure and qualified their highly skilled welder to weld this compensator autogenously. It was manufactured from Inconel 625 as a solution to the extreme temperatures it would have to endure.