Pipe Busting Techniques

Pipe bursting techniques have long been accepted by Utilities and their contractors as a cost effective and efficient method of replacing failing or undersized gas, water and sewer mains. U Mole provide a proven range of Hammerhead TM pipe bursting equipment for all of these works

This range includes over 15 pneumatic and static systems capable of bursting and installing pipe from 1.5” to 48” (40mm to 1200mm) and larger. No matter what the situation, we have a bursting system to meet your site requirements.

Over the past 15 years the industry has seen a change in equipment preference from pneumatic bursters over to hydraulic static rod bursters, especially in works from 1.5” – 36”. Size for size replacement and up sizing are common requirements in pipe bursting and Hammerhead offer a comprehensive range of static rope and rod bursting systems from 30 tonne up to 175 tonne capacity.

Traditional rod bursters are often too large or heavy for difficult access locations such as sewer laterals and to this end U Mole offer the small footprint Hammerhead PW15 and PB30 static rope bursters as an alternative solution.



Utilising rear fed percussive air hammers with front fitting expanders, pneumatic pipe bursters are the original pipe bursting technique.


Static Rod Bursters

Static Rod Bursters have simplified the pipe bursting process and eliminated the need for air hoses,compressors and, in sizes up to 180mm, the need for considerable back space for new pipe material.