Utility Mapping

AMG Utility Solutions can provide our customers with an end to end solution for underground mapping and geophysical site investigation services. We offer detailed solutions to our Clients requirements. Our proposal clearly identifies the scope of works and deliverables, avoiding ambiguity and the use of jargon.

Whether you are a designer or a contractor you need to know what underground utilities and buried services you are dealing with when preparing and working on a construction site. The law reinforced by health and safety guidance HS (G) 47, states that before excavation you should be aware of what is beneath the surface, ensuring that there are no hidden dangers.

A damaged pipe or cable can not only be costly in terms of money, it can cause serious injury or worse. The most accurate and cost effective method for establishing the positions of underground utility assets and buried services is to commission an underground mapping survey. This is an essential step to avoid danger from buried services.

We have amassed many years of experience within the utility mapping and survey industry, utilising leading edge GSSI ground penetrating radar(GPR), radio detection RD8000 electromagnetic radio detection equipment, metal detectors and radio frequency sondes,aswel as using topographical survey equipment such as robotic total station EDM and GSS GPS system to capture our utility surveys to create 2d and 3d AutoCAD drawings of the underground utilities on site.

As part of the survey we trace routes and depths of metallic, clay and plastic services using our utility mapping equipment. Our GPR systems (GSSI SIR3000 and RD1000) can ascertain routes and depths of utility services including,PE or PVC Gas or Water mains, ducts and services. All of our operatives are fully trained in the use of their equipment; all are accredited to the following, NRASWA, confined spaces, BESC, CSCS, passport to safety.